Our Organization is devoted to Making Adventure Accessible!

Here is our statewide events!

8/28   What's My Everest

9/10   Mt. Elbert: Basecamp Setup    

9/11   Mt. Elbert: Rider to Basecamp

9/12   Mt. Elbert: Summit Bid and Descent

9/24-26  14er Fest

Here is our event page for Northern Colorado!

4/10   Meet, Greet, and Tryout at NCAR

4/24   Hogback in Boulder

5/8     Mesa Trail in Boulder

6/19   NCAR Extended Hikes

7/17   Mesa Trail in Boulder

7/31   Mesa Trail in Boulder

Here is our event page for the Denver area!

4/3    Meet, Greet, and Tryout at Waterton

5/1    North Table Mountain

5/29  Green Mountain

6/5    Green Mountain

6/12  Staunton Access Fest

7/4    Green Mountain 4th of July

7/24  Lair o the Bear

8/14  Green Mountain

Here is our event page for Sothern Colorado!

3/27     Meet, Greet, and Tryout at PDI

5/1       Lake Pueblo: Red Gate

5/7       Wet Mountain 4x4

6/26     Phantom Canyon 4x4

7/3       Wet Mountains 4x4

7/24     ADA Celebration

7/25     Phantom/Shelf 4x4

8/14     Hermit Pass 4x4

9/4       TBD

10/2     Lake Pueblo: Red gate

10/9     Lake Pueblo: Pedro's Point

10/23   Lake Pueblo: Pedro's Point

10/31   Costume Hike at Barr Trail or Lake