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           2021 Schedule

                 Northern Colorado Chapter

                 "Denverland" Colorado Chapter

                Southern Colorado Chapter

                 2020 Schedule

7/4          Green Mountaineering!

7/5          Switzerland Pass 4x4!

7/25        Southern Colorado Trailrider Tryouts

7/26        Pueblo 4x4 Adventure

8/22        Trailrider Tryouts at Mt. Falcon!

8/23        Mesa Trail Hike!

9/4-9/6   Trailride a 14er!

9/12        Argentine Pass 4x4

10/3        Trailride Lake Pueblo

10/18      Barr Trail with TLF and UpaDowna

10/31      Halloween Hike at Lake Pueblo


                 2019 Schedule

1/27               Klondike Sled Build

2/1-2/7          Online Auction Fundraiser
2/2                 Snowshelter Production

2/3                 Winter Expedition Event 

5/11               Green Mountain(eering)

6/15               Trailrider comes to Boulder!

6/23               Switzerland Pass 4x4

7/4                 Green Mountain Fireworks
7/27               Wilderness on Wheels 

8/3-8/4          Trailrider a 14er!

9/15               Austin's Birthday Hike

9/27-29         14er's Fest

10/19             Fall 4x4 Adventure

10/26             Fall Social/Quandary Reunion

11/3               Mt. Sanitas- Trailrider

                      2018 Events

3/24               Free BBQ at D-Barn

6/10               Switzerland Pass 4x4

7/1                 2 Wheelchairs, 1 14,000ft peak

8/24               Northern Colorado Social 

8/26               Webster Pass 4x4 Event

9/26               Guanella Pass in Fall

10/21             BBQ and Hike at Waterton




Please E-mail us at if you are interested in volunteering for any of these events!


The Lockwood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is focused on creating accessibility to adventure. Our mission is to help underprivileged children and people with disabilities enjoy and explore the outdoors through creative event planning, volunteerism, and charitable contributions.


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