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About Us

The Lockwood Foundation was founded in January 2018 by Jeffrey Lockwood with the idea of creating a sustainable, adaptive hiking program where a wheelchair user can enjoy non accessible trails. After discovering that the equipment that provided the most versatile access was in fact human powered, it was clear a community organization, not just a nonprofit, was needed to change the narrative on what people with disabilities can do on the mountain trails.

2018 was a season of 4x4 adventures, socials in the mountains, and fundraising for an adaptive trail chair. In early 2019, we had fundraised enough to purchase our first Trailrider chair which is powered by humans and travels on a single wheel. By the end of the 2019 season, TLF was ready to take on a big mountain. We attempted Quandary peak with the trailrider as our adaptive device, and came within 200 vertical feet of the summit before weather turned us around. In 2020, we aided Zara in summitting Mt. Elbert, and we believe she became the first wheelchair user to summit the mountain. In 2021, we repeated this historical event by aiding Christine to the summit. Beyond our yearly, historical, big mountain summits, we have had dozens and dozens of adaptive hikes throughout Colorado. We started in the Denver/ Boulder area, but now we also host hikes in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, and more. Our community organization is also now in possession of 4 Trailrider chairs.

The Lockwood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) community organization that creates opportunities for those with limited mobility to access to the trails and mountains in a way only community can. We currently use a combination of community and technology to create access to trails and adventures that are typically inaccessible or even considered impossible.

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