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Prospective Adaptive Hikers

If you are an adaptive athlete interested in hiking with us with or without the trailrider, please e-mail, tell me a bit about yourself, your interests, and goals.


Please make sure to RSVP below to any events you plan to attend. It is recommended that Volunteers should be capable of lifting 40+ lbs, and hike 3-5 miles and over 1000 vertical feet for an average event. It is important to sign a Waiver once per calendar year.

If you want to hike with us but are not sure about pulling/pushing the Trailrider, you can still join! It is recommended that you can comfortably hike 3-5 miles and 1000 vertical feet for these hikes. RSVP below. Please sign a Waiver once per calendar year


2023 Event/Hike Calendar


1/14             Biski Debut and Snow Trail Trial at Mayflower Gulch  RSVP

1/22             Monarch Mountain With Weston Backcountry (Booth Event)

1/28-1/30    Point Breeze Hut Trip

2/26             Snow Trail Trial at Mayflower Gulch RSVP

3/11             Trail Trial at Red Gate, Lake Pueblo RSVP

3/18             NCAR Trail Trial with CU Boulder

3/23             Upslope Release, Boulder Event Page

3/25             Trail Trial at Waterton Canyon RSVP

4/1               Trail Trial CU Boulder at NCAR, Boulder RSVP

4/8                Green Mountain RSVP

4/15              Green Mountain

4/15              Lake Pueblo

4/22              North Table Mountain

6/10-6/11     Staunton's Adaptive Recreation Days

7/19-7/25     Lake City Adaptive Extravaganza! (Email for details)

8/24-8/27     No Barriers Summit

9/8-9/10       Trailride-a-14er: Mt Elbert RSVP


***Events are tentative due to weather. Check your e-mail the day before and morning of an event.

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