Here is a list of our Past Events

                 2020 Schedule

7/4          Green Mountaineering!

7/5          Switzerland Pass 4x4!

7/25        Southern Colorado Trailrider Tryouts

7/26        Pueblo 4x4 Adventure

8/22        Trailrider Tryouts at Mt. Falcon!

8/23        Mesa Trail Hike!

9/4-9/6   Trailride a 14er!

9/12        Argentine Pass 4x4

10/3        Trailride Lake Pueblo

10/18      Barr Trail with TLF and UpaDowna

10/31      Halloween Hike at Lake Pueblo


                 2019 Schedule

1/27               Klondike Sled Build

2/1-2/7          Online Auction Fundraiser
2/2                 Snowshelter Production

2/3                 Winter Expedition Event 

5/11               Green Mountain(eering)

6/15               Trailrider comes to Boulder!

6/23               Switzerland Pass 4x4

7/4                 Green Mountain Fireworks
7/27               Wilderness on Wheels 

8/3-8/4          Trailrider a 14er!

9/15               Austin's Birthday Hike

9/27-29         14er's Fest

10/19             Fall 4x4 Adventure

10/26             Fall Social/Quandary Reunion

11/3               Mt. Sanitas- Trailrider

                      2018 Events

3/24               Free BBQ at D-Barn

6/10               Switzerland Pass 4x4

7/1                 2 Wheelchairs, 1 14,000ft peak

8/24               Northern Colorado Social 

8/26               Webster Pass 4x4 Event

9/26               Guanella Pass in Fall

10/21             BBQ and Hike at Waterton




Please E-mail us at if you are interested in volunteering for any of these events!


The Lockwood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is focused on creating accessibility to adventure. Our mission is to create access to the trails and mountains for people with disabilities through community.



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