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Zara was one of our first supporters when The Lockwood Foundation was just an idea. Zara is the Colorado Coordinator for Ms Wheelchair America and the Executive Director for Ms Wheelchair Colorado. Her journey with Ms Wheelchair and disability nonprofits began when she won the competition in 2010. She has a degree in nonprofit studies and is building a mentoring business. In addition to her experience and education, she offers the leadership of The Lockwood Foundation a unique insight into disability accessibility.

Kenneth Adams- Ken has also been with us from day one. He is a hell of a  mountaineer having summitted Kilimanjaro, Rainier, Hood, Orizaba and many of the Colorado 14ers. Ken is also a Pharmacist and Trained Wilderness First Responder. Ken has worked with nonprofits and charities for years, making him a crucial consultant for our board.

Jeffrey Lockwood- See Founder Page