Austin Martin- Austin was on our first and second adventure with us on Switzerland Pass and Mt. Evans long before we had the Trailrider. He most recently took the trailrider up our first vertical ascent at Green Mountain. Austin was our first Ambassador, and hopes to show others in wheelchairs that they too can enjoy the mountains.

Tammy Burton- Tammy has been working in the disability advocacy for something like 20 years. Most recently she has worked to help manage Wilderness-on-Wheels, and will be joining The Lockwood Foundation to Quandary Peak at 14,000ft on August 3rd/4th.

Zara Vargues- Not only is Zara one of our board members, but she is also an ambassador for the program as well. Zara takes information first hand from our program participant viewpoint to our boardroom and back.


The Lockwood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is focused on creating accessibility to adventure. Our mission is to create access to the trails and mountains for people with disabilities through community.




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